How does your transitioning hair pattern compare to your full natural hair pattern?

I've been transitioning for about 10 months and I'm really eager to find out my hair pattern. I know I have multiple textures but I'm still unsure of what my hair actually is. I can see curls clumping in parts of my head, they look like they might be 3c-4a but then there are parts that are really fine, undefined and extremely dry no matter what. I'm just really curious to see how some of you guys' hair textures have changed after cutting your relaxed/damaged ends off. Pictures will be greatly appreciated 

1 Answer

During transitioning I noticed that my processed ends were weighing down on my natural hair. the accurate measure of your hair's density, health, texture, porosity, etc. happens when all the processed ends are off because you'll be able to better determine the answers to the questions you might have about your hair.