Drug Store Products?

Hi everyone! I am brand new to this whole concept and I am very interested in the CG method. I just got a Deva Cut today, which I am not completely happy with, actually. But I figure continuing the method and everything can only help, and I am hoping to go to another stylist in a few months to get another Deva Cut (after browsing this site I think I will try Capella Salon in Studio City). I was going to start with DevaCurl products but since I have read some sub-par reviews about that line I am thinking of trying something else to avoid spending so much! (already spent 115 on a haircut I didn't love) The photo attached is my hair today after my Deva cut and AFTER I had applied some of my own random crappy product to it that I had in the car. I was irritated that I walked out of the salon with fluffy frizzy hair instead of defined curls like I see in the before and after pictures all over the internet, so I slapped on some Garnier Fructis and had my boyfriend take the picture after that. Helped a bit but I know there are silicones in there, bad bad bad. ANYWAY I would like to try doing sulfate/silicone free using drug store products to start before I move on to more expensive products if necessary. I basically need the whole shebang and I am hoping someone with similar hair to me who uses drugstore products can recommend a collection of specific products for cleansing, conditioning, and styling. There are a zillion products on the products page and I don't know where to start! Thank you! 

2 Answers

Firstly, I must say that your hair is just beautiful. Secondly, I stopped using silicon-based hair products and instead I tried to improve my diet and to choose the right supplements and vitamins for my hair, and I am more than happy with the results. Vitamins B6, C, D, and zinc are essential for hair health. I am currently using  Biocare products and my favorite one is M.S.M. plus. Also, try out flaxseed oil after washing your hair, it is great for dry and curly hair.
I secon that your cut looks good.  I'm not a deva cut fan either cuz my hair is still recovering on the lower half, and doesn't curl the same each day.As far as products,  I like SheaMoisture. That said, so many mass market companies are getting on the no fate/cone wagon, it's awesome.  I swear there is new and affordable options every time I look.  My local chain drugstore has a no hassle return on beauty items. You're not happy,  it's refunded. Awesome! If I have to buy without that guarantee, make use of sales. I stock up on my faves when they're BOGO, or throw something new in the mix.Keeping in mind not everything works for every person, you could also consider swapping with others of similar hair properties. My boss and I have similar hair, so we swap and sample each other's faves a lot.Good luck on your journey.  I've been using a modified CGM for two years and my hair loves it :)