Why are my edges and kitchen so nappy?

I'm 3 months into my transition & my new growth is soft and full except my edges and kitchen. Both are severely broken and dry and brittle (no matter how much conditioner I apply). Did this happen to anyone else ? I've heard it was "scab hair" but how do I get rid of it ??

1 Answer

Your edges may just be a different texture, but more than likely it is scab hair. You just have to let scab hair grow out. Many people experience scab hair in this area because these are the areas where the relaxer is put first, usually. So the hair is usually a bit more damaged. It will grow out and look just fine. But keep in mind that it is possible your edges may be a different hair texture than the rest of your hair. My hair is 3c/4a but my edges are 4b all the way around.If you're looking to thicken it, try massaging (jamacian black)castor oil into these areas! It is great for thickening and remedying hair loss!Good Luck!