Extreme Heat Damage At The Roots?!

I have never relaxed my hair but my hair has been colored and straightened a lot. So recently I thought that maybe I should cut off my dead ends, I was extremely attached to my hair but the ends were getting worse as time went on. So I cut my almost past boob length hair to my collar bone. Yes it is a lot more then what was needed but I thought hey if I'm gonna cut it I'm going super short. I had a lot of straight pieces at the bottom of my hair but once I got a cut my hair sprung back to life. A month later it was my Gmom 60th birthday and I got my hair straighten one time. After everything I went to do a wash and go and the roots of my hair for about 5 inches going down are now limp and completely straight and the bottom is all bouncey and curly. This has never happen to me and a big chop isn't even a option because my heat damage is at the roots id have no hair left and transitioning would take forever because it's like growing a whole new head of hair. I've never expirenced this has anyone else and is there anything j can do about it ?! 

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