Fast hair growth?

Hi! I got my hair Japanese straightened back in June of 2013. Now currently in February of 2014, it's about 3-4 inches grown out. I straighten the roots now using heat protectant. I'm VERY careful with my hair now. Ironically, as much as I hate my 3b curly hair, I miss having healthy hair. I need it to grow out at least about chest length by June so I can cut off all the chemically straightened hair. I'm trying different methods like inversion, no poo, gently combing, deep conditioning on a weekly basis, and I'm also taking biotin. All of these little things to promote the growth. I've seen so many videos of people growing 5 inches in 2 months and 2 inches a month etc. Any advice on oils or products to help my hair grow out quickly? In time for summer? We go to the river in June, July and August and obviously I get my hair wet... Imagine half my head curly and the bottom half straight. It looks ridiculous and I'm very insecure about it. If I could just grow it out long enough to wear its a good length curly by June and just not worry about it, I will be extremely happy! Any advice is great, thanks for taking the time to read my question and answering!

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Hi Curly17,For now, while your hair is growing, you could try styling it by braiding (at least 4-6 braids depending on the length and thickness of your hair) at night or after cleansing and applying curl defining products, take it out in the morning and where it curly so you don't have to straighten the roots all the time and run the risk of damaging/wearing out your roots and hurting length retention. Example: (she talks about growth and other things that might be helpful, haven't watched all her vids though)Everyone's hair grows at different rates and its debatable whether you can really make your hair grow faster, but you can take care of your hair and body and seemingly make your hair grow faster by not inhibiting its natural growth rate and taking steps to retain your length exactly like you are doing. The average rate of hair growth is really only 1/2 an inch per month (which seems like your growth rate from June 2013 to beginning of Feb 2014), so if you are doing all these things to grow your hair out and you can only get about 2 more inches by June, that doesn't mean your hair isn't growing well. Healthy hair, like you said, is more important. ( you feel your hair isn't long enough by June, you can always do a cute braided style or top knot, to hide the different textures and enjoy days at the river! more tip: Drink lots of water for soft healthy hair and eat your fruits and veggies. Healthy hair grows from inside out, that's why you're taking biotin :)I really hope that helps and I hope you can continue to grow your hair healthy and strong and even come to enjoy your curls!
Make sure you're getting enough iron, too. Good luck, and keep us posted!
I think you've got the basics down. Cut out the heat, no more chemical straightening, biotin, deep conditioning treatments, and eat healthy. Here's a great video about this topic:
i use castor oil and it grows about a inch a monthi