What is going on with my hair?! It can't decide between curly and straight.

I used to have pin straight hair that wouldn't hold a curl, and when I got to about 5th grade may hair started getting curly. By high school/college I had incredibly curly hair. I got a Keratin treatment in January 2012 and I loved it! My hair was almost perfect beach hair. I attached a picture of my hair in this state. Fast forward to October 2013, when I got 6 inches of dead hair cut off. My hair still remained wavy, but not as curly as it once was. I alternated between flat ironing and leaving my hair natural.  Now, my hair is getting it's natural type 2b wave back from the root to about 4 inches down, then it turns stick straight. And on the left side of my hair, there is barely a wave! How can I get my "beach" wave back?! I am frustrated that my hair won't pick a texture. Please help!

1 Answer

Hi Aemathis21, I'm stumped by your question. The number one culprit of lost texture is usually excessive heat, any salon treatments, and of course weather. You said you got a keratin treatment, but that was well over two years ago. Do you straighten your hair often? If so, that heat could be catching up to you. I recommend ditching the flat iron and focusing on doing deep treatments that can get your hair back to normal. If you don't flat iron that much, it's more than likely the weather. It's fall which means the humidity is gone and the cool, arid weather is back. Unfortunately for wavies, that sometimes means straight hair. At least for me it does. Try using sea salt sprays to get the wave back during these cold winter months.