Going natural has made me impatient and self-conscious

I'm transitioning my heat-damaged 3b-ish curls, and I'm really struggling with it. I'm 20 and have consistently flat-ironed my hair for about 6 years because I never knew how to take care of my curls. I've been heat-free for about 5 months now, but my progress isn't where I want it. The healthy growth looks great, but the rest is so limp and such a different texture than the rest that it just looks...ugly. I know that I could cut it off, but that would put my length above my shoulders a bit (it's a bit past my shoulders now) and I'm terrified of how it'd look short. Lol. Anyways, feel free to share advice. Going natural has been a difficult experience and it's really taking a toll on my self-esteem. I want to embrace and love my natural hair, not hate it.

5 Answers

I think getting your ends cut would be a nice fresh start. By the way, i am totally not an expert, but id still like to help. To transition you have to change your whole hair regimen, dont shampoo your hair as much as conditioning it, what your hair needs now is moisture, so leave in conditioners are good, dampening your hair at night, putting about a ping pong ball sized from the middle of your head down to the ends, use your fingers to evenly distribute the conditioner, then putting your hair into a scrunchie, then going to sleep, then when you wake up, rince it all out
also getting things that follow the loc method(picture attached) help with moisture also getting a satin pillow case doesn't dry your hair out at night. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!
PS: get things with NO SULFATES
Maybe start with a nice trim and see where that leads. Read all you can on your hair type and what has worked for others, maybe you are just missing a technique that you haven't tried yet. I tried CG a few years back when there was limited information available and it didn't work for me, but now that there are more people trying it there is more trial and error to check out online. Hope this helps.
Thanks, everyone. I just recently got a trim which did help a bit. I've been following a modified version of the CG method since I began transitioning. I think I just need to suck it up and cut all of my dead hair off.