Going Natural. Need encouragement and advice! (4b hair type!)

Ok, i just turned 14 in January, and since around last year, I've been thinking about going natural. One question that I was dying to find the answer for was, do I need to do a "big chop" if I haven't had ANY chemicals in my hair (perm, relaxer). Also, I would like some advice on going natural and Different types of styles to set it in so it can have a nice curl to it! I really want to do this because I'd like to be different, and really would like some support too! Thank you ^.^ 

1 Answer

I'm not too familiar with your hair type, but as for the big chop, it is really only necessary if you have damaged hair. This can be from heat or chemicals. You might want to cut off any dead ends before you get started just so your hair looks its best. Going natural will be one of the best things you do! Learning to love yourself and your hair for its beautiful curls is so empowering, and its a truly amazing feeling. I would recommend you check out youtube videos, there are tons for type 4 hair, but naptural85 is FANTASTIC. She knows so much about hair, and hers is so beautiful. I really love the look of bantu knot outs on tighter curl patterns, but don't be afraid of a great wash n go!