What are good products and methods for transitioning hair? My hair is between a 3B and 3C.

I'm currently in the military so I can't wear my hair out at work so it's been hard transitioning. I'll like to be able to have soft and moisturized hair while looking professional at work. PLEASE HELP =]

1 Answer

I would use coconut oil, lots of it. It helps clean your scalp as well as promote growth. another product would be cantu leave in conditioner. no more then 5 dollars at dollar general, i put it in my hair before going to bed at night and wake up and my curls are bouncy and soft. I would also cut the ends that are not curly due to the fact they make growth longer to occur, and once you cut them and use the coconut oil and cantu it helps the curls pop and grow. I also take biotin gummy they helped my hair as well!!