What are some good styles for me since I'm transitioning, I don't want to really do the big chop

I have relaxed ends but a lot of it is natural.  I haven't had a perm in about 8 to 9 months maybe even longer. Need some good transitioning tips and products. 

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Before I did the big chop I did a lot of messy buns, braids with weave and Bantu knots

Congrats on starting your transitioning journey! Here are some styles to try that you can search on YouTube and find tutorials:

Bantu Knots or bantu knot out

twists, twist out or twist and curl

flat twists or flat twist out

3 strand twists or 3 strand twist out

braids or braid outs

curly messy bun or top knot (done after one of the above styles)

other updos: pompadour, roll tuck and pin

Any of the natural hair styles you see on YouTube, you can try with your hair. Here's a good YouTube Channel to start with:

There are a lot of hair style tutorials and some tips on keeping hair moisturized too.

Found this general tips video:

I hope that helps! 

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