What are some good things to do when transitioning from relaxed hair to natural? I have type 3b hair

My hair can get a little dry & I also would like some tips on growth. I am 15 years old

1 Answer

Bravo to you for making a transition at such a young age! When transitioning it is important to keep your hair conditioned using a deep conditioner on a regular basis. The hair is very fragile at the line of demarcation where your relaxed hair and natural hair meet. Due to this fragility I recommend that you cut off all of the relaxed hair to prevent breakage. If this will shorten your hair significantly to a length you are not comfortable, then trim the relaxed hair little by little. While you are trimming, style your hair in a protective style. This could be done with or without extensions. This is important because it helps to reduce how often you manipulate your hair, decreasing incidents of breakage. During this transitional phase, keep your hair well lubricated with oils such as olive and coconut oils or a pre-mixed oil from your favorite product line.