greasy feeling frizzy hair, don't want to use commercial products

Hi, I have type 2c hair, my hair started breaking badly this winter, it has a lot of silver in it. I have washed it with a mix of aloe vera and honey, deep conditioned with a coconut oil/olive oil/honey mix, egg washed, then deep conditioned with maple syrup. The maple syrup helped, though it is still very frizzy. I haven't done a clarifying shampoo. Thinking of doing that next, then several deep conditioning treatments. Guidance/insight appreciated! Photo is with using commercial products that seem to straighten my hair quite a lot.

1 Answer

Is your hair strand thin or thick? I have very thick hair and found out after several attempts that neither olive or egg have a good effect on my hair but hot coconut oil works great on my hair. So you can find your hair properties and do some reading on which products work best on your hair. I've read that for coarse hair protein isn't too good, maybe the reason why egg didn't work for me. For thin hair coconut oil can be to heavy and weight down the curls but there are lighter oils that work great. I also suggest you to use a DIY gel, you can do one with flax seed or gelatin, just google it. The gel will help control the frizz.At the moment I'm using a gelatin gel and few drops of coconut oil to top it, I have managed to get definition and frizz control. You may try and try to find the right balance between protein and moisture according to your hair properties.