My hair is 3C and has always been in braids since I was 8. I'm 16 now, and I want to be natural.

Since I turned 8, every month or so my mom has been putting artificial hair into my hair and braiding it with my hair. My hair has never been "stretched," I have no idea if that's the right term, but I've never seen it at its full length. In between redoing the braids, my mom always takes the hair at the back and pulls it to its length. It has been at my waist for a couple years now. I'm going off to college soon, and I can't go back home every month for my mom to do my braids, so I want to be fully natural and learn to take care of my hair myself. Pls help!!!

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I Have 3c Hair Too And In Order To Maintain Your Beautiful Curls You'll Need To Know A Few Tips! 1). Deep Condition Once Or Twice A Week2). Avoid Straightening Your Hair So You Won't Have Heat Damage3). Use Sulfate Free Shampoos (Sulfate Dries Out Hair; Don't Shampoo Too Often)4.) Massage Your Scalp 5). Hot Oil Treatments6.) Make Sure To Always Keep Your Hair Moisturized (3c Hair Can Become Dry Or Brittle)7). Wear Protective Styles8.) Wrap Your Hair Every Night (Or Get A Satin Pillowcase To Sleep On)9). Research (Learn More About Your Hair Type; Try Products That Help Your Hair)