My hair is not cooperating?!

Im new here so i'll try to keep this short. My hair is 2c-3a and a little section at the nap of my neck is straight. i have been co-washing for a month and i know transitioning takes time.  i also have low porosity with high density hair.  well my hair is kind of weird lately.  my hair when dried is between my shoulder blades so for 1 1/2 inches at the ends are defined curls/waves.  and from there on up can get frizzy with oily roots and a dry scalp.  i use as i am co-wash or sauve naturals tropical coconut conditioner, sallys brand conditioning balm as a wash out, sheamoisture hibiscus and coconut curl and style milk and ecostyler argon hair gel.  and because of this i have to wash every other day.  if i can.  also the curls in the back underneath are stretched and pulled down.  has anyone had this problem before and is this something that i have to wait out. 

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