My hair will not curl after big chop

Hey everyone, a few years ago I had a big chop because my hair was really damaged. Now I would say that my hair is healthy. I give them  moisture and I'm really carefully with my hair. But nevertheless my hair will not curl. Since I was a baby my hair was really curly and I had the type 2c to 3a. But now my is at most a 2b. I'm really desperately because I tried a lot of techniques like the CGM or twist outs. I really hope I haven't lost my curls and hope you can help me.It would be nice if you answer me. CarolinaP.S.: My hair is really thick and heavy.

1 Answer

Maybe your hair is weighed down by build up. Do you use a lot of product? Do you have hard water? Do you use sulfate free shampoo? Any of these could cause build up. Try chelating your hair. There's many different ways to do this. You could use lemon juice, dawn dish soap, sulfate shampoo, specialized clensing shampoos for removing buildup, etc.