My hair is only curling in the front, the back is wavy/straight, how can I fix this?

My hair has become curly in the past 3 years (before this it was wavy/straight) and it never curled in the back. At first i thought this was beacause of damaged hair but as my curls developed and I took better care of it (It took a while but my hair is now healthy) I realized that wasn't the issue. I treat my hair as curly but i'm still learning how to do so; i've learned to love my curls and want help making sure it curl throughout

2 Answers

I am the exact same way. It happens to a lot of curlies. The crown of the head is much curlier than the underlying layers. I don't believe there's a way to fix this. I used to have completely curly hair on my whole head, now the under lying/ back layers tend to be straighter. I don't believe there is a way to fix it. A lot can contribute to this though, including hormones. Just keep taking care of those curls! :) In the picture, you can see that the front of my head/top is curly and the bottom/ the longest layers are the straighter ones. I was also on a medicine that really dried my hair at the ends. About 3 inches was damaged by the medicine, I ended up cutting off 7. 
Without a photo or seeing you in person it is quite difficult to surmise what shape your hair is in. There are many different variables to how hair curls and where. One being long the hair is in different sections of the curvature of your head. Basic continued maintenance and regular trims can create a uniformed structured perimeter that should compliment a style.