My hair defies gravity: when I take out the pineapple it sticks out, what's wrong with it?

the pic is my naked hair, just cowashed and plopped. The curls are more pronounced when styled. I have only been natural for 1 month, before that I would never wear my hair down. 

3 Answers

What's your hair routine? Like after washing are you moisturizing right after or LOC method or...? Im not exactly sure how to answer your question because there isnt much info. What do you mean by sticking out? Like in what way? Sticking out from frizz after you take out it down or? Im sorry lol if I have more clarity I can help better.
I will try to take a pic tomorrow morning. I loc plop and air dry. I guess my hair is like wire, once it is in a style it stays there unless I brush it. 
this is what it looks like in the morning, I have taken the pineapple out and shaken the curls. If I just spray with water or water conditioner mix it just puffs out. The only way to make it behave is to completely wet it under the shower and loc again. Or braid it into subm