My hair doesn't curl at the roots what should I do?

Before all the heat damage and bleach and hair dyes my hair was 3B now its 2B. I want to get it back to 3B! I have completely eliminated heat from my regimen and have been using Shea Moisture and DevaCurl products. My hair doesnt start curling until below my ears and even then the curl pattern isnt the same as before. Do you guys think shaving my head completely bald will cause my 3B curls to grow back and have my roots curl again? Help :( 

1 Answer

I don't know if shaving your head will help your hair. Depending on your hormone levels and health, your hair may Grow out with a different texture. This could either be good or bad.As for your roots issue, have you ever used Lush's Big Shampoo? It's a coarse salt shampoo that helps with volume. If you don't have a Lush near you (or you can't afford it, Lush is expensive) you can make your own using this recipe: used Epsom salt instead of sea salt because it's less drying. I've also heard people add some lemon or lime juice to recipes like this. This is probably not good to use every time you wash, but once a week should be ok.Good Luck =)