Why is my hair getting shorter?

In April 2014 I cut my hair to shoulder length. I started my transitioning journey towards the end of November in 2014, and it seems ever since then my hair has been getting shorter. I haven't cut it since my first cut in April, I just went to get a wash and blow out today and my hair is way shorter than the length it was when I originally cut it. I wash my hair every 3 weeks with shae moisture products. I use coconut oil when I style it. I think I take pretty good care of my transitioning hair, besides me not deep conditioning as often as I should, I do a decent job. But I don't know why my hair is getting shorter, someone please help. 

1 Answer

This was me back in 2012…literally. Transitioning hair experiences a lot of breakage due to the connection of the processed hair and the new growth at the line of demarcation. You have to do more protective styling to keep the ends from exposure to the elements and make sure you're deep conditioning once a week. A healthy scalp and diet means healthy hair growth so you should be cleansing your scalp once a week as well.