Please help a transitioner I beg you!!! My hair grows in straight at the edges?

Hi all, I've been transitioning for over two months, and the hair on the crown of my head, as well as towards the back of my head, is growing in nicely, with very well-defined curls ranging from the size of a pencil to the size of a straw/smaller. What I'm concerned about, though, is my edges, which continue to grow in straight and brittle despite the fact that I am not applying direct heat to my hair. Comparing it to the rest of the new growth, it clearly isn't my actual texture, and it's annoying and makes me anxious. I haven't tried co-washing yet--is that something that could potentially help? Is there something besides heat damage that could be the cause? I did a braid-out one time and faux French braid around the edges to look sort of like a crown, so maybe that's part of it, although I'm a miserable braider and they weren't that tight at all.

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