My hair seems to be beyond heat damage and I am having a very hard time transitioning to my 3c curls

the entire front left side of my hair is straight, not just the ends and the reat of my hair has a very thick 3c curl pattern. Im having a hard time transitioning and am beginning to lose hope. Am I going to have to opt to shaving just one side of my head? Also, I find my hair being very dry, I use hydrating shampoo, cantu conditionor, a leave in, and hair mayonaise but the top layer is still so dry

1 Answer

I think you should definitely   consider a trim or a big chop, hydrate with deep-conditioner atlest once a week . And take care of it at night . Sounds like you are doing all the right things . Continue with what you are doing and give it some time to re-form its natural curl . If nothing helps take it to a professional . Good luck !