My hair has just gone through a massive shed, is that normal?

So I stopped relaxing and dyeing two years ago, cut off the relaxed hair 1 1/2 years ago, stopped using heat or metal 1 year ago, and for about 6 months I've gone all natural with my products.  It has all been amazing. Great 3B curls, great shine, length retention, big wonderful hair. My hair never looked so good. I've always been a heavy shredder but about four weeks ago I noticed it really picked up. My hair balls were double their size and my shower was a horror. It was way, way more then the usual amount of shed.The hair wasn't broken or damaged. Most of them had their hair bulb attached and I double and triple checked for bald or receding areas and I didn't see anything. What I did see is the volume of my hair get cut in half. I can really tell when I wear pigtail braids and they clearly have less mass then they did before. After two weeks of this it stopped and now my hair balls are at an all time low. I even have to sweep less. Should I be concerned about this? Did a big bunch of my hair just reach terminal length and then all shed at once? Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening again?

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