My hair is so painful even touching hurts. please can anyone tell me what will help me comb in peace

I'm transitioning at the moment, I started in march

1 Answer

What's your regimen like? What products are you using? The best things to do are to go see a doctor (maybe take your products with you, they could be irritating your scalp), don't do any braids, twists or other styles that you have to pull at your hair a lot (Try not to blow dry either. If you can, wear scarves or hats), do a google search of at least the top 5 ingredients on every product you use (look for things that could be possible skin irritants). Without even doing a search, you might want to test by taking your current shampoo/cleanser out of your routine, trade it for something mild (NOT baby shampoo), something without sulfates or other harsh ingredients. You might want to try Aubrey Organics: hear that one is good for sensitive scalps. If your scalp doesn't improve, you might want to try removing other products from your routine one by one. When you replace them with other products, check to be sure that the first few chemical ingredients are different. If you can find any products without "fragrance" in the ingredients, that would be good. You may be allergic to the chemicals they use to make fragrances. (Aubrey Organics has it, but its derived from essential oils so it might be worth a try still)Be gentle when you wash your hair. Try not to scratch your scalp with your nails. Instead, massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers.Natural scalp cleansers (careful with the black pepper, might not be good for your scalp right now): things that might help to sooth your scalp: case its from a chemical burn: hope something in here is helpful!