My hair is stuck at this ear to chin length (2 yr) how do I get it to grow thank you in advance

I have been transitioning for almost 3 years. I did not want to big chop but with it being stuck at this length I don't think I have a choice. I take care of my hair and have a decent diet so I am not sure what else to do please help ! 

1 Answer

Since your hair has been stuck, your ends are probably breaking off at the same rate your hair is growing. If you still have those relaxed ends, they are more than likely dead now and need to be cut away to allow your natural hair to grow. When I was transitioning, I held onto my relaxed hair too long and it split all the way up the shaft and damaged some of my natural hair too, resulting in an excess haircut that could have been avoided.So my advice to you is to get rid of all those dead ends, trust me your hair will flourish! Make sure that you're tucking your ends away frequently to prevent some splitting. While preventing all damage is virtually impossible, you can do many things to minimize it so that you won't need trims as often!Since hair never stops growing, I think your hair is breaking as it is growing out of your scalp, giving the illusion that your hair has plateaued. Hair never stops growing, so it's breaking off at an even rate. So kill those ends and begin tucking them away.Good Luck!