Hair is thinning bad :(

I noticed my hair was thinning in the beginning of summer due to what I think was a bad hair dye job (I think she let it process to long and it kinda burned my scalp but then the thinning stopped after a month)recently at the beginning of August I got my hair dyed again but I did subtle ombré (big mistake!! The bleach she used to lighten my hair made my hair undefined and frizzy) and she cut a lot of layers in my hair, by doing so it makes my hair look thinner and fluffier ( I had long layers before, and I forgot to say I wanted long layers) and she made the bottom layer a tiny bit shorter than the layer on top of it!!! Which I think also contributes to the fluffiness my hair used to be medium/thick but now it's thin/medium. I just started taking an atibiotic called doxycycline but I haven't really noticed my hair falling out recently. I heard JBCO will help thinking hair grow thicker and long, will that help? I want to grow my hair boob length but right now it's a little longer Than my collarbone. I used to have 3b/3a curls but now they are 3a/2c since my hair has gotten thin. My hair is also fine and low porosity on the dark parts of my hair and medium porosity on the lighter parts (I only went 1-2 levels above what my hair was at) PLEASE HELP! IS THERE ANY THING I CAN DO? I'm also almost 14 and I haven't gotten my period for 2 months ( and I'm not pregnant)

2 Answers

you might want to try biotin your  or might want to get some sort of dietary supplement. Biotin won't make your hair grow longer but it will make it grow stronger. Now to help you with the bad bleaching job. I'm not sure how long or where it was bleached but you need to cut a couple inches off and you need to go buy a hydration oil or hair mask and do that several times. Drink a lot of water. If you are stressed try something to avoid it because stress can cause hair loss and yes it is proven
What do you think about deep-conditioner treatments once a week? Deep conditioner will definitely hydrate , moisturize , and increase volume to hair . It will increase density and give your hair a great texture so that you can manage without the fuss . Also , its ok to trim ends atlest once a month and that will increase much more volume . One of my favorite hair products is Eden coconut oil whither shea butter moisturize because its very important to hydrated and moisturize natural curly hair .