only one part of my hair is transitioning but I think it's damaged how can I help strengthen it?

There is only one part of my hair transitioning.  I decided to grow out my perm maybe a year ago and I did so by getting sew in's however that just led to me perming my leave out which I believe now is damaged.  I'm trying to go fully natural and I need help transitioning and strengthening my former leave out section.  Any suggestions?Btw all of hair is fully transitioned except for the leave out section.

1 Answer

Hey NewlyCurrrrrly,I'd say chop it but I know that is easier said than done. So, you will probably have to wait until it grows out and cut it or if you want to keep the length even though it won't likely curl. So here are my suggestions, use some form of protein to strengthen it... be sure to check your hair isn't protein sensitive and try not to over do it on the protein. AG Keratin repair is great. Also try styles that will blend the two textures. So twists, braids, etc.