What hair type am I? TRANSITIONERS

my hair has been washed the previous day! All I have in it is oil, water and conditioner I mixed in a spray bottle. I'm thinking 4A? My hair is fine and dense as you can see. Also from the pic you can sort of see my hair is wavy rather than small coils hence my presumption of 4A rather than 4B?

1 Answer

You're definitely in the 4s, that's for sure! I think  it may be easier to tell if your hair (or at least less of it) was tied up/back. Since you're still transitioning, guesses aren't exact, but, based on this picture, I'd guess that you were 4b with some 4a mixture.Also, how far are you in your transitioning? Personally, I'd wait until I had a little more growth or around 10 months or so and trim your hair every once in a while during that time. I was in the same situation as you when my natural hair was shorter and my relaxed hair was longer. It looked like smallish waves and then my hair grew more and I cut more off and now - at 11 months - it usually looks like 3c spirals where transitioning, but shrinks into 4a-ish (some places 4b-ish) coils in the places where I've cut the relaxed hair off.