Will my hair go back to what it used to be?

hey everyone! I'm new to the site, and was hoping to get some insight. After high school I went through 2 keratin treatments, and constant hair straightening. Needless to say- I ruined my curls, and I'm working on getting them back. I haven't straightened my hair for about 3 months and I started the curly girl method about a month ago using devacurl products. The pictures of long hair are during high school (6 years ago), the one with the dolphin is my attempt at curling/scrunching a little over a year ago, and the short hair is now. There is definite improvement but the curls aren't what they used to be and I'm worried I'll never get my hair that curly again. Any tips/personal stories/insight?? Thank you in advance.

1 Answer

it's not that your curls aren't the same you never wore them in your natural state, I went thru the same thing . I had long hair but always straightens it . When I wore it curly it was then curl pattern from the heat damage . So now that u cut that off its going to seem different. It will grow but you aren't strighting it so it seems like it's not. also be wery of the diva cut . It's a great method but it's for girls who NEVER ever plan on going back straight . You sound like u might want to every now and then . also take hair vitamins this will speed up the growth . Trust I know how u feel I'm two months no heat and feel the same way.