My Hair is very weird

okay so I've been transitioning for 2 months and I've been wearing box braids the whole time. When I wash my hair it takes a long time for the whole head to get wet and the front of my hair is poofy like no curls or nothing even when it's wet the middle of my head is damaged and brittle and the back is curly which is extremely weird. Idk what to do and I really don't want to cut all my hair off I just want to slowly cut off a few inches every 4 weeks. I just don't understand why my hair is like this. I always use to get perms and I always used a lot of heat on my hair but I haven't used heat in 2 months. Also every time I wash my hair it gets matted and tangled and idk why it's gets extremely matted *sighs* my hair is a mess and I need help. Please recommend products and transitioning hairstyles I only do braid outs cause I failed on a twist out lol. Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day beauties ❤️.

1 Answer

When you first start to transition from a relaxer, the hair that grows out of your head is "scab hair" this hair still may be damaged or loosened due to relaxers. My hair was very frizzy and strange looking at first (for about 3-4 months) because of the hair really still trying to revert and grow as it should. Give your hair a little more time to grow out, and give it some good TLC, to  show what your "real" hair looks like.Matting is probably occurring because your straight strands are tangling with the natural hair. Try washing in sections and being veryyy careful around your line of demarcation. It may cause breakage if you're being rough around this area.If you get tired of braid outs, bantu knots are great on transitioning hair, it gives you a "curly fro" that is adorable once you really get the hang of it!I know that SheaMoisture has a transitioning milk that works wonders, and you should try the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle as a deep treatment, it's heaven sent and it's only about 3-4 dollars! Good Luck!