My Hair won't curl anymore :( type 3b,3c,4a

I recently decided to go natural about a month ago. My hair is relaxed and is bone straight! I have new growth coming in, and I want to wear my hair in curlier styles, ex. wash n go, twist out, bantou knots, flexi rods, etc.. But any time I try these my hair either doesn't curl or curls and doesn't hold the curl for more than 40 mins. Any tips, or products that help hair be curlier?? Thank you!*the pic is of my hair. i got the curls done at a salon but they only lasted 30mins

1 Answer

In the photo, and when you do the styles you are referring to, do you blow dry your hair before styling, or do you do the styles from wet? I would recommend styling on wet hair and using a product with some stronger hold than a setting lotion, like a gel. Make sure your hair dries completely before you take it down.If you have been styling from wet, try styling on dry hair. Still use a gel, or other product with some hold and leave it in to set for as long as possible (like overnight).By experimenting you may find something that works or you may find that, like some people with naturally straight hair, your relaxed hair just doesn't hold curl well. If that's the case, you can try styles like buns and updos while your hair grows out.I hope that helps!