Half straight half curly? Whyyyyyyy :(

it's been a year since I got a relaxer in my hair or straightened it. It's back to normal finally it feels soft and it's healthy but my 3b curls are only at the back portion of my head and down and the sides of my head are wavy and limp. The straight pieces aren't even damaged or anything I just want to know if there's a way to make them go back to being curly and match without me having to wand them.  :(

2 Answers

I would use a sulfate shampoo to remove the left over chemicals on the straight portion of your hair. After a couple of washes, your hair should be less straight, and more curly. To activate the curls I would scrunch upwards and put some mousse or a gel. Another way to get curls without the heat damage are curlformers. Put them in your hair and follow the instructions, viola! Curls without damage. 
With sulfate, because sulfate strips the hair of the chemicals. That's why, after a keratin treatment they tell you not to use shampoos with sulfate.