Heat damage? Eliminating"triangle" without layers?

I have should length hair that is one length and angled to the front. I flat ironed it straight for many, many years. I recently decided to try embracing the curl. My hair is in very good condition and their doesn't appear to be heat damage, but my hair seems less curl than I remember. Could their be damage to my curl pattern due to straightening even though my hair doesn't seem dry or damaged? Also, I can't afford to get a hair cut for a few weeks, but I want to try and eliminate this triangle head look I'm getting. I've gotten the best results from plopping for about 30 mins then pixie diffusing, but it's still not a flattering look due to the flatter roots. Any tips on how I can tweak my technique until I can get a cut?

2 Answers

Maybe your hair is not damage. Your could be heat trained. Heat training is where your hair has been straighten so much with heat that it is starting to lose its curl pattern.. If your hair is heat trained it shouldn't have any split ends or dryness. If you want your curl pattern to come back i recommend you doing a Protein Treatment follow by the Balancing Moisturizer and deep condition every time you wash your hair. To help you keep your hair straight try using heat rollers, flexi rods or doing a roller set, and then wrapping it at night to keep it straight. on your hair instead of applying direct heat from any hot tool.Another thing i use to use heat all the time until i realized i was losing my curl pattern to so try having a protective hair style with an updo or a bun and i only use heat 1 a month. Hope this helps.
This is OP: I like the new heat trained curl pattern. Darn. I wish I knew how to keep it. Maybe alternate curly days with flat ironing days. Any thoughts about how to retrain my curl pattern so it stays looser like it now without straightening chemicals would be appreciated. Lightening my hair has made it a bit straighter in the past. Has anybody lightened their hair as a way to loosen their curl?