Hello! Does anyone have any tips on how to care for my hair now I'm transitioning?

I've already cut off about 7 inches of hair, now I'm left with hair up to my jaw line. I have about half an inch re growth

2 Answers

I think everyone will say this, deep condition and be very careful when handling hair (detangling). I've been transitioning for about 4 months now and I deep condition about 2x a week and alternate with protein about 2x a month. Also, keep getting trims, the more you see new growth. I say for every inch I get, an inch I cut off. Since your hair is about the same length of mine, I'd be very careful when detangling, I don't try to do it so much when it's dry but once it's slightly damp and I add some moisture milk or conditioner to it. Good luck, love!