Hello everyone! I was just wondering what type of hair products are needed for transitioning hair?

I have decided to go fully natural and finally explore the hair I was born with. My last relaxer was just a little over 2 months ago, and I was very interested in knowing the products (and hair care tips) to use when dealing with transitioning hair! Everything is all still very new to me, but I've learned a lot this past month on how to care for natural hair. Even though my hair isn't all the way natural yet, getting to know the basics for taking care of natural hair isn't much for me. I really want to do the Big Chop and just start over with healthy fresh hair, but my mom is totally against it. She's sort of met me half way and agreed to cut off most of my relaxed ends though. But most importantly, I'd love to know how to take care of transitioning hair. And also breakage? It seems as if I merely touch or comb my hair a whole village of hair comes off my head. I really need advice! :(

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