Hello everyone! I was just wondering what type of hair products are needed for transitioning hair?

I have decided to go fully natural and finally explore the hair I was born with. My last relaxer was just a little over 2 months ago, and I was very interested in knowing the products (and hair care tips) to use when dealing with transitioning hair! Everything is all still very new to me, but I've learned a lot this past month on how to care for natural hair. Even though my hair isn't all the way natural yet, getting to know the basics for taking care of natural hair isn't much for me. I really want to do the Big Chop and just start over with healthy fresh hair, but my mom is totally against it. She's sort of met me half way and agreed to cut off most of my relaxed ends though. But most importantly, I'd love to know how to take care of transitioning hair. And also breakage? It seems as if I merely touch or comb my hair a whole village of hair comes off my poor little head. I really need advice! :(

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I would highly recommend a good deep conditioner to use once a week. Only shampoo your hair once a week. Use a pre-shampoo before shampooing. When styling your hair, use creams and butters to lock in moisture. Good Luck!
Heyy! I love this question, I always want to share information I know about natural hair with others, so I'm going to try to write down as much as I can, just bare with me!Well first things first, im the realest... haha just kidding, but seriously.. FIRST, it's super super important tot know your hair. I've made the mistake many times of thinking '' oh that works for that person so it must work for me'' NOPE! Every curl on every hair is different, so don't expect everything to work for you. So the basics would obviously be ALWAYS detangle with a wide tooth comb or your fingers! (on wet/damp hair). NEVER comb it when its dry cause it'll just break more and that's a no no! umm what else.. uh Sulfate free shampoos are a must! sulfates strip your hair from its natural oils, leaving it dry and more prone to breakage, obviously sulfates aren't the only harmful things found in shampoos/ hair products, minerals, parabens and especially petroleum are things you should be avoiding when looking in the ingredients of your products! And another thing, being natural means always checking the ingredients in your products before buying them ! be aware! Speaking of products, just from personal experience, hair products made for Caucasian hair does NOT work for it might work for you but I would personally recommend sticking to products designed for curly hair . Lol im sorry if this seems really long, im just trying to pack as much information as I can, I know what its like to be newly natural and not know what to do with your hair! See, I was born from a Hispanic mother, so obviously she didn't know how to manage my curly hair, I learned everything I know by watching a lot of Youtube videos and reading ! lots and lots of reading. Now, styling! it really depends on how you are gonna wanna wear your hair, either doing braid outs, twis outs, wash n gos, protective styling such as extensions or wigs, or maybe just a little bit of everything, no matter the style always remember your hair needs moisture! WATER! it keeps your hair healthy, just like your body needs it, your hair does too. ... Um  I have so much more to say but idk if it'll all fit in this box thingy lol. I have an instagram so tips and stuff, so if you wanna follow, its @curly.Queens! feel free to follow, hope this helps!:D good luck!