HELP!! hair in the back is curly, the rest isnt!!!

The back of my head has tiny curls toward the top {3c 3b ish curls} than at the bottom regular 2c and 3b hair. ive been doing no sulfates and silicones for a little over a month. i see a small change in the front of my head, its slightly wavy in the front. when i have clean damp hair i put a curl defining product on it, then put noodle head gel on my hair. when dry i scrunch off the gel cast. in the front then its mildly curly/wavy. im planning on doing a protein treatment soon, would that help? or flax seed gel?? PLEASE HELP, im considering not trying anymore.

4 Answers

protein treatments are a pretty good idea just make sure you're not protein sensitive 
there's really no other way to know if you're protein sensitive you just have to try them and see , i don't recommend using a very strong one as your first protein treatment , or something that is low on protein , try something inbetween maybe try ORS hair mayonnaise ? It has protein rich ingredients but also has moisture in it so that's a pretty good first protein treatment. And if you are protein sensitive then the signs will be : brittle dry hair , breakage , your hair will feel stiff afterwards , but don't worry a lot of PTs are supposed to make your hair stiff you just need to follow up with a deep conditioner to balance it 
well the best and only deep conditioner i have used is jessicurls it is protein free and really moisturise my hair , i don't recommend using a deep conditioner after a protein treatment unless it's a strong one , or your hair felt stiff afterwards , as for you hair pattern i don't know sometimes you can have more than 1 pattern it's pretty normal and if you're really desperate try the protein treatment it might help , usually after Protein treatments your curls will pop 
how did it go did you do a protein treatment and if you did wich one have you tried ?