Help! I am losing my curls, strength and getting so dry because of Hard Water!!! any products???

Please Help!! I have 2c3a hair, I have one year that I moved to an Eastern European Country. In here I have been so stressed and frustrated cause I never had this issue. The water it is really hard so it makes my hair from 3a to 2c. My hair is losing the strength and my curls are disappearing, also it is really dry like never before but really really dry that it becomes extremely knotty. Before even with my fingers on the shower was easy to untangle.. now.. it's like a battle trying to untangle the huge knots and also not to lose my hair trying Other big issue is that Girls in here, usually do not have curly hair, I have look in everywhere (or at least near) there is no a shampoo or conditioner or even just oil for curly hair. but I am looking how to get products online, or even looking for natural remedies (avocado, eggs, honey etc) any advice of an specific product or any know how to deal with the water issue? PS. I cannot afford for a water filter

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