Please help a newbie... curl type? advice? :)

Hello there! I am new to the curly hair journey. I have been wearing my hair straight for many years and I am ready to start transitioning to my curly hair. I very rarely wore my hair curly in those couple of years, but strangely enough my curls are somewhat still intact (I will attach some pictures below).The last time I relaxed my hair was in 2012, so a lot of it has grown out, but I still see some of the straight parts in my hair (not sure if that is from the relaxer or from straightening so much).Anyway, I am totally new to transitioning, and i hope someone can help me. I really want to learn to love my hair, because I don't like it at all :( I LOVE everyone else with curly hair, but I just don't like it on me. Can someone please help me identify my hair type, along with some beginners tips and products to get started with? Thanks*The first picture is with gel and mousse, the second picture is literally after waking up with old product from the day before.*

1 Answer

it looks like you have 3a 3b ish hair. since you are transitioning your curls might become tighter. Some tips would be get products that have no sulfates, silicones, or alcohal. That will help your curls become less frizzy, damaged, or dry. Shea moisture products might be good for your hair type. When your washing your hair only shampoo on roots, then a good amount of conditioner so your hair will feel like seaweed, wait five minutes so it can be absorbed in you hair then detangle it, you might want to rinse out some conditoner and leave the rest in so it helps with frizz and dryness. I highly recommend not using a towel to dry your hair, use a cotton t shirt to scrunch out water. If you also want to, you can try different methods to define you curls, plopping, shingling, last tip for you is to not touch your hair alot because that causes more frizz.Hope this helps! Good luck