Anyone can help with starting a natural curly campaign in Indonesia?

Hi,  I live in Indonesia and just recently turned into natural hair lifestyle.  I notice that there are NO natural curly products that i can find here,  and most people (and hair salon)  still thinks that all hair should be straight and smooth.  Remembering how I spent my life hating my hair and now that i have embrace my curls it felt so good,  I am thinking of starting a campaign to promote embracing your natural curly hair.  But without the availability of products it will be hard to start,  because it is very expensive to export from US.  Is there any idea or maybe experience that you can share to help?  My goal is that my future curly children and their curly friends would love their hair the way it is,  and not experiencing the insecurity that i've had during my teen years.  Thank you

1 Answer

Don't go as far as the US in search for products. My Geography is not that sharp but I believe you are close to Australia and Thailand. I got a local shampoo in Thailand which was great, natural and incredible cheap; you can import from Australia. When I was in China I was using palmer's coconut oil formula and it wasn't that expensive, and I believe it they were importing from Australia. Maldive's also have a great range of products, my Maldivian friend has beautiful long curly hair and she would bring all the products from Maldive's. And Finally you have India they have all kinds of oils and natural products for the hair, and if you ask any Indian woman they would intermediately tell you how to treat your hair, what to use, how to DIY recipes and more.When I was in China many stylist had no idea what do with my hair, but I found two guys at a small place who were in awe of my hair and knew how to treat, that was the first time my hair was diffused in a saloon and it came out looking great. So look for those enthusiastic and share your idea with them and you can start a curly friendly saloon.