Hey, so since I'm transitioning with heat damaged hair, will my natural curls ever return? How long?

I've been transitioning for almost a month now, and I'm in the 9th grade. I want to go natural for 4 years and I wanted know will my curls ever come back? Like I said my hair is pretty heat damaged and I got a bang before going natural. It's a bit straight and have a few loose waves and some of my hair is like this too. Will my curls come back or do I need to do the big chop?

2 Answers

They will come back. As your hair grows out, your natural texture will return. You don't need to big chop unless you really want to. I would give it a couple of months. Good luck! 
As for the permed hair, your curls will never return. There is no way to reverse a relaxer, but as your hair grows your natural curls will form, so yea your curls will return in a sense.