Hi everyone! I am new to this whole thing. I'm 24 and just now transitioning.

I think my hair is type 3B. My mom is white and my dad is half white and half black. My mom never knew how to do my hair so she'd just brush it and blow dry it. I always wanted straight hair when I was growing up and constantly used the hair dryer and straightening iron. As I got older I still used the hair dryer but a curling iron instead to give myself loose dry curls that I wanted. So my hair has suffered from a lot of heat damage. I'm transitioning now (only on day 12 of natural curls). I've been taking a daily vitamin in addition to Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, and Biotin. I've also changed my diet to include a lot of essential vitamins for healthy hair and growth. Right now my hair is about an inch below my shoulders and I want it to be really long (like it was when I was a kid). However, transitioning is super tough because it seems like I can't do my hair unless I completely wet and condition it and then use mousse (aussie leave in conditioner mousse) to style it. I can never just let me hair go the next day after sleeping on it because the curls are all over the place and don't even seem to be real "curls". It's also not to dry but definitely big and there's no fixing it until it's wet. Also, once it's been in one style for the day, I can't change it. So if I use a clip to put half up or put the whole mess in a ponytail, I can't wear it down that day it'll have dents and will be a mess. Is this just because of the heat damage and because my curls are starting to try to get back to normal or do you think there's something I'm not doing right? Any advice is helpful :) The attached picture is of my hair at day 9 after just conditioning and it's still pretty wet. Thanks everyone!

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jubbuswic:I will definitely let you know! I think I'm going to purchase the Transitioning Kit they have available in the CurlMart and try that for a few months in addition to the mixed chicks products. I've watched a few youtube tutorials and stuff but I think my main problem is that I don't know what my natural hair type is anymore due to the heat damage. I'll be posting pics of my progress and writing about the different products I try so I'll definitely keep you in the loop :) So far, in just 13 days of no heat, a healthy diet, vitamins, and deep conditioning, my hair already feels super soft and it seems curlier as the days go on.