Hi I'm new and don't even know my hair time to be honest I'm looking for advice for my hair & type

Hello fellow curly girls i am new here and would love to understand my hair type and how to take care of it i would love for my hair to be 2c but tbh I don't know if my hair is 2a or 2b or in between that picture is taken of  my hair 3 days of not washing it but having gel and other products in it i want to enhance my curls i would love to have naturally curly curly hair but i don't i think and am looking for advice on how to take care of it and to enhance it I've tried beautiful curls products and don't like them too much and deva curls and she moisture i feel like I'm doing something wrong I'm long 16 my hair is very long and medium thick it grows very fast. please help thank you for your help!! 

2 Answers

This video got me started on caring for my curly hair! hope this helps! There are a lot more of Curly Penny's videos on her channel that are all about taking care of curls! :)
CurlyPenny is a great resource for wavy hair. While your hair is not as wavy as hers, you can still benefit from her advice and regimen. Your hair looks very fine and it has a light wave. Because of this I wouldn't use too many products that could weigh your hair down. Stick to a light leave in and a super light gel. I love DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. It's my absolute favorite gel because it's light enough for my waves and it doesn't add crunch (if you use the right amount). Couple that with a good leave in conditioner OR an oil to smooth out your frizz and you're good to go. But, most important thing is do not use too many heavy products because that will weigh down your waves. They're already so pretty. You don't need much to improve them. :)