Hi ! It's have been 5years i did not relax my hair , the front still grow but not the back !

Hi ! Sorry for my english I'm french :) My hair only grows on the front !! Its have been 5 years i did not use relaxer but i don't see any natural hair on the back . Also , the back of my hair is ALWAYS really really dry and i have some scalp problem (kind of oily dandruff) and my hair is really really broken beacause of the fact that i touch my hair under my weave ! I have try Tea Tree Oil , Kukui , moisturize with Shea Moisture Product and seal with Butter but nothing WORK !! My hair is a type 4a 4b 4c What can I do ?

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Please first, if you can, visit the dermatologist. You may have this scalp condition and if not you can still use the tips: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/living/5..You will need to take care of the scalp condition before you worry about whether the hair is growing or not. After that, consider the fact that your hair actually is growing back there but it also keeps breaking off so its not growing longer like the rest of your hair. You already know where the breakage is coming from: your weave. If you are still using weaves, you hair may continue to break. Unless you change something, it will remain the same or get worse. Another issue may be the scalp condition. If you are wearing weaves and/or not cleansing your scalp and hair often, that can inhibit hair growth because of clogged pores in your scalp. For me, the back is the most naturally oily part of my scalp so if I don't clean it well the natural oil from my scalp along with any other hair products that get on it, can clog the pores back there and prevent growth.My advice: Stop putting oils/products directly onto your scalp. Only use them on your hair.If you haven't already, take a long break from wearing weave to let your hair and scalp breath, rest, grow or heal. If you go back to wearing weaves, do not leave them on for too long and give your hair adequate rest (like a month) before putting in another weave.Cleanse your hair 1-2 times a week. Concentrate on massaging (not scratching) the cleanser into your scalp instead of just scrubbing your hair.Take your time in the back of your scalp. I am not a expert on scalp conditions so this is purely my best self-educated guess. I strongly suggest going to see a dermatologist or trichologist (scalp and hair specialist).I hope that helps!