How can I find my hair texture? And what can I do to make its grow kinda quick?

So this is my first time transitioning and its been half a month. Anyone have any ideas on hairstyles for first months. I been so braidouts and bantu knots. And what can I do to make its grow kinda quick?I'm 15 years old and I wanna transition my hair is already long. Now I just wanna find my normal texture. My sister said I don't need to go natural cause my is already long. 

3 Answers

How had you managed your hair up til 2 weeks ago? Did you do chemical relaxers? If so, you'll have to eventually cut the relaxed ends off. But you can let some natural hair grow in first. Or you can just do a big chop, and go to a TWA. For maximum growth, eat a really good diet so you're getting all the proper nutrients your hair needs to grow. You can also try supplements such as biotin, iron and Viviscal. 
If you want to know your hair texture click on the button that says hair types on and there is a diagram that shows all the different kinds of hair types. Which ever picture looks most like your hair is most likely what your hair type is.
To find out your texture (if you have new growth) I was told to wash my hair like normal and let it air dry. Dont do anything to it. No chemicals at all. This is my first time transitioning. My eye balls have been glues to "MO Knows Hair" on youtube. She has SO many hair ideas ive been using and its GREAT.