How can I get medium sized and long curls?

The picture is what I would like to do with my hair and that is not my hair! Ok so I have been straightening my hair for a couple years and I have relatively natural curly hair. I would like to make my hair permanently mixed race curly without a crunchy gel or anything like that. Is there some kind of treatment I can get? And it would also help for the pool. And I have kinda frizzy hair that is very thick and I am also mixed race. (black and white)This is what I would like to do with my hair:

3 Answers

Never heard of mixed race curly hair. Is your hair naturally like this? If, not a curling iron or flexi rods might do the trick.
Depending on how much damage has been done to your hair, your hair may not revert, meaning that you'd have to chop it off and start all over or transition.  How have you been straightening your hair?  Have you been relaxing it, using heat, or doing a combination of both?
Hi! I wasn't sure if you meant for me to answer your question here or in the comment section where you originally asked me your question, so I'm putting it in both places just in case. :)Well, I've been doing the CG method for nearly 10 years, and that helps tremendously with the health of my hair and my curl definition. I do deep treatments using SheaMoisture deep treatment masque once a week with an electric heat cap set on medium for about 15 minutes (I have low porosity hair, so without the heat ain't nothin' getting in there, ha!). On a day-to-day basis I co-wash using vo5 coconut conditioner, detangle with my fingers in the shower using Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner. I rinse out some of the conditioner with cool water and my head upside down. That step I have found is particularly useful as it keeps more of the conditioner where I need it, at the top and the ends, and also keeps the water from disrupting the curls as much. While it's still dripping wet, I scrunch in some Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel while also scrunching out the excess water. Then I plop with a t-shirt. After that, I'll usually smooth and scrunch in some SheaMoisture curl enhancing smoothie, or if I'm wearing a protective style that day I will just put in some coconut oil. The only shampoo I ever use is SheaMoisture raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo, and I'll do that maybe twice a month. I very rarely use a hair dryer, and when I do I always use a heat protectant, medium heat, and I use the DevaCurl diffuser. I sleep on a silk pillowcase. I also use henna to cover my grey hair, and I just use it to touch up my roots every other month or so. Hope this helps, and feel free to PM me if you have any further questions! Thanks again for the compliment :)