How do I make my biracial, multi-typed hair grow healthy?

I started relaxing my hair when I was 11 (I'm 19 now). Before relaxing, my hair was nearly unmanageable~trying was a long and painful process and so difficult to the point that brushes and combs would break before even getting to my scalp. Because of this, I lived in braids for the majority of my childhood.I started relaxing because I was sick of the braids. Now, years later, I'm sick of putting chemicals in my hair. So, about 6 months ago, a friend and I (yes, not a professional) chopped the remaining relaxed hair off. I didn't have it cut to a TWA. It's probably more around 2"-3" all around, with Type 3C, except on the bottom around the back of my head where it's longer, softer, and looser curls~more like 3A.That's just one issue. The other is that on the back of the crown of my head, the hair feels different from anywhere else. It's not growing as well as the rest of it (although none of it is growing as well as the 3A hair), and I'm worried it's damaged. Also, the sections around my face, particularly my side-swept bangs, are almost always frizzy, and dry up basically immediately after being submerged in water.In general, my hair has low porosity, high density, and coarse width.So basically, I need a solution for biracial, multi-typed hair. I'm looking for natural solutions that are good for growth, softness, manageable curls, shine, lack of frizz, and overall health.PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate.

2 Answers

11 is young to start relaxing! I got my first relaxer at almost 14. During puberty my hair went from dry, unmanageable and slow growing to larger curls that grew super fast. I also have several different types of curls, I refer to them as other beings entirely because they do what they please. Although my hair has a relaxer on it (it is a very mild one because my mixed hair can't handle anything strong), I think I may have some suggestions. To keep my hair growing quickly and looking healthy I nourish the ends like crazy. My favorite is coconut oil because you can scoop it into your hands and rub it on to the ends. I would also suggest not washing too much (idk if you do) and investing in some deep conditioner and possibly a deep conditioning hood to wear at home. Good luck
I have curls from 3a(at the back) and 3b-3c everywhere else . I like olive oil to massage and/or coconut oil.I also used hair infinity pills and my hair growth was at a nice fast speed.