How do I retain length while transitioning

Ok first my story is very long I'm only 16 I have gotten my hair relaxed plenty of times but first let me say my mom only put the perm on my roots and I always waited about 3 to 5 months I'm between getting them.  I hair use to be so long. About mid back remind u in only 16. Now my current stay is in 5 months post perm.  I'm never getting them ever again. I started seeing changes in my hair mid junior about last october.  Myhair was a medium long length. I kid you not my hair looks completely different from then.  It dosent look right flay ironed because it's ridiculously uneven.  My hair is short towards the top. . I basically have a small Afro on the side of my head and one long Side. I seriously don't know what to do anymore.  I almost cried when my sister asked what happened to all of my hair.  It makes me so sad Becuase ppl know me for always having pretty hair.  Im getting my first set of box braids tomorrow.  But those first few months of transitioning I lost so much hair I was losin so much.  My mom barely ever cut my hair so I had to start cutting split ends my self.  Here now in April starting my 5th month of transitioning ive stopped almost all breakage. My hair grows fairly fast. I'd say a little more over half a inch.  I usually get new growth At the beginning and end of the month. I wash my hair every week Becuase im a athlete.  I honestly wanna give up.  Everytime I see old pictures of me I just wanna cry Becuase my hair was so long.  I can't tell if my hair is retaining Becuase I always have to cut away split ends abd stray aways.  I'm coming to you guys for a remedy.  I know especially that my hair is retaining length at the top but around the sides and the left back bottom of my head seems like it's not growing.  I just overall feel like ive neglected my hair and treated it so wrong my sophmore year that now is catching up to me and I just noticed it. Please help I need legit help.  I cowash every week as well and mostourize and oil every other day cuase outher wise my hair would b dry. I honestly don't know if my hair is natural yet becuase I basically have a mini afro on one side then a pretty decent size length on the other. . I can't do cool hair styles like Braidouts Becuase my hair is uneven.  No i am not doing a big Chop btw sorry but that's completely not me.  Remind you that im a junior! Please help I need a savior my hair is going through the great depression

1 Answer

get a curl that makes your hair enemy while you are in transition.