how to get natural curls back ? ( type 3 curls )

Hi , My name is Jade and im 13 and i want to know how i can make my curls go back to the way they use to be .my last perm was in december , ive been trying to grow out my perm but im not sure on what i should do for my hair ( my new regimen ive been trying to make into a routine is : co wash twice a week , and moisturize with extra virgin olive oil after that a braid / or twist out , and shampoo once a month and i usually let my hair air dry , and i barely use heat , but when i do i use a heat protectant ) . i take biotin and i have a healthy diet and i drink loads of water . but i just wanna have my natural curls back , please give me some helpful tips . Thanks (:

1 Answer

Sounds like you're doing all the right things to make your hair healthy. What kind of perm did you have? Like a relaxer? I think once you've done a relaxer, you can't get the curl back — you just have to wait for your hair to grow out and then you can cut off the permed part. Also, at 13 your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes that can affect the curliness of your hair. So some of that might be going on, too.