How to keep hair from being dry?

I been transitioning for 1/2 month. No i don't know my texture yet. Everytime I put water in my hair it get very dry. Any tips ?

3 Answers

Transitioning takes time, and it's frustrating because you want to see results right away (or at least I did)! It took me at least a month of my new routine for me to start seeing the change in my hair, being more moisturised and such. So my tip is, just keep at it and try to be patient and give your hair lots of moisture :)
When you use water, you  must then seal it. A lot of naturals go by the L(liquid).O(oil).C (cream) Method. Spray water or you can use a light leave in, then follow with an oil , lastly, use a thick cream of your choice.  Also find a great moisturizing deep conditioner for weekly use. Finding out your hair's porosity and experimenting products to know what hair likes would be a big help.
i will recoment some hair oil. your hair will get this kind of shine:)