How to long transition with short and cut hairstyle?

I'm new to the transitioning world to natural. But I was curious on how to do the long transition with a short and style hair. Like I watch many videos on transitioning to natural and I'm confused on what products to use. Where should I start because I don't won't to do the big chop since my hair is already short and the only thing that is long is my bang, right now I have two strand twist in my head. And how do I wash my hair or what should I use to wash my hair with. Or even how often should I wash my hair. See I seriously don't know what to do because i'm not a hair person but I'm willing to learn and I want to prove my mom that I can go through with it. So if anybody could help me out it would be truly grateful!!!!!!

1 Answer

How long you transition is up to you. I transitioned for a year but started like you are now. I had cut my hair really short into a style then decided to go natural. No one should tell you when you need to cut your hair. That is your choice so only big chop when you are ready. As for what products you should use it's really going to be trial and error until you figure out what works for you and your hair. I recommend the essentials for now. Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Leave-In, and an oil of your choice for sealing in moisture(I  use just 100% coconut oil). There a tons of brands out there but my favorites are Eden Bodyworks, As I Am, and Shea Moisture because you can find everything you'll need as beginner and they are easy to find in local stores like Target, Walgreens, and Sally's and aren't too expensive. Even though your hair may not be fully natural yet begin to treat it like it is. Cut back on heat if you heat style(try to limit it to once a week if you absolutely have use heat and use a heat protectant)and wear protective styles like your current 2 strand twist. Try to avoid products with sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and sillicones(any ingredients in a product that has cone at the end of it ex. dimethicone) in them. Also develop a routine for your hair. Pick a day of your choice(most commonly done on Sunday)in which you deep condition, wash, and style your hair and stick with it. This will get your hair use to the new changes you are making. For now I would just wash once a week for several months then figure whether or not I should wash less or more frequently. Since your hair is short there is no special way you need to wash it so just wash like you had been doing. Most importantly remember to have patience. It will take time for hair to grow and for your curls to show. Good Luck ^__^